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Payoff FAQ

Get answers to important, frequently asked mortgage questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send a request for payoff to

    • Make sure to include the date you intend to pay the mortgage off.
    • If you are a third party, please include a signed borrower’s authorization.

Mail your check or certified funds to:

Attn: Payoff Department            

Member First Mortgage LLC

               616 44th Street SE

               Grand Rapids, MI 49548

To wire funds – please email for the wiring instructions.

To pay by phone please call 866-636-1052.

    • Please have your checking or savings account and routing number for your financial institution.

Your discharge of mortgage will be sent for recording within 30 days of the payoff.  Once recorded document is received, we will forward the recorded discharge of mortgage and your note stamped paid in full for your records.

After 10 business days we will mail you a paid in full letter and a check for any remaining escrow funds and any overage from the payoff.